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Understanding Feelings of Anxiety and Depression

As I’ve stated before, I like to empower my clients with helping them to learn new ways of thinking – otherwise known as changing state, so that they can enjoy life without limits – and you can too!

So - depression and anxiety – I’m not talking about clinical depression or anxiety disorder, where a medical professional has given u a diagnosis, for the purpose of this article, I’m talking about feeling low or being in a depressed mood - and feelings of worry or panic and having anxious thoughts.

So perhaps you identify with feelings of being in a depressed mood or u feel down or low. In most cases, the reason behind these feelings stem from events that have happened in the past and the low mood is caused by you literally living in the past.

You are feeling trapped by these events and because you can’t do anything about them, they are weighing you down. Am I right?

Often people who seek my help are those that have had enough of feeling this way and are motivated to change the way they feel. They have had enough time living in the past and are ready to feel happier and enjoy their life again. They are ready to shake the past and step into their present. Can you relate?

I want to share with you one tool that will train your mind to do this super fast:

Let me introduce mindfulness to you – the concept of living in the moment – fully.

To really allow yourself to experience many moments throughout your day deeply. I recommend setting an alarm on your phone perhaps once an hour. This alarm will remind you to take a 'mindful minute'. I teach all of my clients this concept as part of my Mindset Upgrade program, but for now let me quickly run through it with you.

So whatever you are doing – for the next 60 seconds – you will fully immerse yourself in it. Perhaps ….its drinking a cup of coffee? Really notice the aroma, the taste as it enters your mouth – close your eyes as the warm liquid travels to the back of your throat as you swallow – fill yourself with gratitude as you are able to enjoy the coffee… I think u get the idea…

This does need a little commitment, but once u get going, your subconscious mind will get on board and there will be no stopping you and very soon that low mood will lift.

I hope you enjoy practising this little tool and start to reap the benefits. Remember if you do nothing, nothing will change.

If you would like more individual help and are ready for some really powerful permanent change in your life, schedule a free Discovery Session with me by clicking the link below and together we can determin how I can help you too.

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