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Feel Overloaded and Overwhelmed?

By Shana Rosenthal, Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Have you discovered yourself struggling with the effects of an overloaded lifestyle?

You aren’t being theatrical by saying the words “I am so stressed out” or "My life is so overwhelming". We all buckle under the pressures and difficulties of daily life every once in a while.

This world gets busier every day, all of us being forced from education into a pressurized, scary and often daunting life.

For anyone who is in higher management, you’ve got the pressures of the company itself. For those lower down the pecking order, there are the pressures of management and sales. Even if you don’t work, you’ll probably still have stressful aspects affecting you – whether its health related problems, family commitments or financial worries.

For those lucky enough to be able to change their lifestyle, they may be able to improve their symptoms, however the majority of people struggle to fully escape stress. There exists however, a way that you can escape this problem making use of your mind with the help of hypnosis, which is often used to combat stress.

If hypnosis is so effective, why doesn’t every stressed individual stream towards the closest hypnotist?

Money is a key concern: Many people would prefer to spend those extra pennies on the latest gadget or seasonal bargain than on their emotional wellbeing.

People have got very used to the impact stress has on their health and wellness:

  • heart palpitations

  • premature ageing of the skin

  • overeating leading to weight gain

  • under eating triggering poor nutrition

  • exhaustion

  • disturbed sleep

  • headaches

  • brain fog

  • muscle pain caused by tension

These are just a few of the physical manifestations of stress on your body.

The mental strain can have just as bad or even more of a detrimental impact on your daily life. It can demolish relationships leaving behind a shell of a person.

If you identify with any of these symptoms you should think about seeking assistance.

Any time you put these symptoms and effects into perspective, hypnosis becomes a far more attractive thing to consider.

Anxiety and worry about what hypnosis is, often prevents people from considering it as a viable option. People worry about a hypnotic approach being a scam or sham. This is a very outmoded and mistaken image.

Modern hypnosis is a research backed profession. Of course, there are charlatans and crooks in every single profession and it is the same for hypnosis. These people are a minority and clients that have realized this are already making the most of the amazing results of hypnosis from a qualified Certified Hypnotist such as myself.

One of my happy clients wrote; “Shana was an absolute pleasure to work with! I came to her for Stress Management issues. I had a wonderful experience during our sessions and left with significantly reduced stress levels. More importantly, she provided me with very helpful tools to use on my own when the stresses of everyday life come calling. I highly recommend her services!!” Keri E, Sarasota, FL

There is so much happening in all of our lives, who needs extra pressure? Hypnosis can remove stress from the picture.

Wherever you are on the stress scale, hypnosis allows you to work with your mind as a whole, to find and target the root of the problem and empower you to continue to make powerful, positive, permanent change.

What are you hesitating for? Why not place your wellbeing first; it could be the very best gift you could give to yourself.

Begin your wellness journey right now by scheduling a FREE Discovery Session to find out how hypnosis can benefit you. Click on the link below:

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