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5 Surprising Ways Your Job is Increasing Your Anxiety – And How to Combat Stress At Work

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Do you ever find yourself feeling unexpectedly tense or overwhelmed at work? You're not alone. As a Hypnotist Coach and NLP practitioner, I often encounter clients struggling with workplace anxiety. This anxiety isn't always caused by obvious factors. Today, let's explore five unexpected sources of workplace stress and discover how hypnosis mind tricks and NLP techniques can offer effective solutions.

Let’s delve into these surprising sources and discover how the principles of hypnosis and NLP can offer transformative solutions.

Tip #1 - Your Incessant Email Checking

  • Problem Constant email checking creates a state of perpetual alertness, heightening anxiety and stress at work.

  • Solution (NLP Technique): Practice 'anchoring' to create a calm response. Before opening your inbox, take a deep breath and press your thumb and forefinger together while remembering a memory of a time you felt calm. This physical anchor can help maintain a state of calm while managing emails.

Tip #2 - The Open Office Trap

  • Problem Open offices, though collaborative, can overwhelm your senses, leading to increased anxiety.

  • Solution (Hypnosis Technique): Use a visualization technique. Close your eyes briefly and imagine a protective bubble around you, filtering out noise and distractions. This mental imagery reinforces your subconscious mind's ability to focus and remain calm amidst chaos.

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it." - Hans Selye

Tip #3 - The Perfectionism Paradox

  • Problem Striving for perfection often triggers anxiety, as it sets unrealistic expectations.

  • Solution (NLP Technique): Reframe your thoughts. Instead of aiming for perfection, reprogram your thought process to aim for 'excellence within reality.' This reframing helps adjust your internal standards, reducing the anxiety associated with perfectionism.

Tip #4 - Virtual Meeting Fatigue

  • Problem Constant virtual meetings can lead to mental exhaustion, a phenomenon now more prevalent than ever.

  • Solution (NLP Technique): Utilize the 'swish' technique. Visualize the fatigue as an undesirable image and then rapidly 'swish' it with an image of you feeling energized and focused. This mental exercise can help shift your mindset from fatigue to rejuvenation.

Tip #5 - The No-Pause Workday

  • Problem Skipping breaks in an effort to work more can paradoxically increase stress levels.

  • Solution (Hypnosis Technique): Practice self-hypnosis during short breaks. Use guided breathing and positive affirmations to achieve a brief state of relaxation. This mental break can reset your stress levels and improve focus.

Understanding these subtle yet impactful sources of anxiety and applying hypnosis and NLP techniques can significantly enhance your ability to manage stress in the workplace. By changing how your mind perceives and reacts to these stressors, you can create a more harmonious and productive work environment.

What next?

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